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Get into Medical Schools in Italy

+100.000 students got into healthcare Universities in Italy thanks to our preparation courses and test’s simulation platform. 

Pass the IMAT test by attending WAU IMAT’s online IMAT courses: lessons from expert teachers, support from tutors and WAU Student Care and test simulations to take the exam successfully.

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Unpublished quizzes, assessment tests, notes and video pills: these are just some of the free resources (in Italian) that you can access by registering with WAUniversity.

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The best lessons with the WAU teachers

You can follow the lessons live from wherever you want or on demand.

The WAU courses cover 100% of the ministerial announcement: our teachers and tutors will focus on the topics most likely to be tested, sharing the secrets for passing the IMAT test.

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the Simulator

Test yourself with our
unpublished and commented quizzes.

Thanks to the platform you will be able to monitor your progress and statistics. WAU will help you fill your gaps until you have acquired all the topics required for the test.

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Student Care

We know how difficult it is to prepare for the Test. This is why the WAU Student Care team will always be by your side to motivate you and personalize the path based on your progress.

Thanks to the WAU Student Care team you will never fall behind!

100% of the ministerial tender

All the theory explained by the teachers, with a focus on the most frequent topics.
The lessons include a practical part to test preparation with assessment tests, exercises and simulations.

Admitted or re-prepared​

Did you fail the test? WAU never abandons you!
If your admission test goes badly, you will have the online course, the simulator and all our support available for an entire year.

Deferred payment​

You can choose between different payment methods, including deferral in installments thanks to the innovative SCALAPAY payment method which will allow you to pay easily by dividing it into three convenient instalments.

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