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IMAT exam past papers

To test your knowledge we have created an archive of IMAT tests from previous years.

You can choose whether to download the PDFs with the annotated quizzes or practice by taking the tests again with the answers mixed up.


IMAT test previous years: archive from 2023 to 2017

If you are preparing for the IMAT entrance tests, it will be very useful for you to check your knowledge by taking the tests from previous years.
You can click and download the PDFs of the tests with the answers commented by our teachers and tutors. This way you will immediately understand the error and what knowledge you are missing to answer that question correctly.
Or you can take the tests again with shuffled answers and simulate test day.

IMAT test 2023

IMAT test 2022

IMAT test 2021

IMAT test 2020

IMAT test 2019

IMAT test 2018

IMAT test 2017

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We know well that preparing for entrance tests is a demanding process, during which help and discussion are needed.

For this reason, for over 10 years we have been organizing courses for admission tests to medical-health faculties with the support of our team of experts and the student community.

W offer different types of courses to meet various needs. Choose the best option for you.