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About us

WAU aims to help all those who dream of working in the medical healthcare sector to overcome the great obstacle of the admission test.

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la tua ammissione รจ la nostra missione

Our mission

The WAU team includes the company’s staff, teachers, collaborators and many former students and tutors who, after passing the entrance test, make themselves available to help new students pass the medical, veterinary and professional tests healthcare.

What drives us to continue to innovate our tools and methodologies is the ever-growing desire to give, not only to young people, but to all those who dream of becoming health professionals, an extra chance to reach their goals. goals and realize your aspirations.

Our history

WAU was officially born in 2010 from a project by two 20-year-olds: Alessandro Lai, who has always been passionate about medicine, and Michael Pili, creative and determined to achieve ever higher goals. After taking the admission test, the awareness of the difficulty of the test and the limited tools to prepare adequately grew.

This is how the online platform was born, focused on simulations and new quizzes, calibrated to the questions of the admission test, to help students deal with the test.

Together with the online platform, the first classroom courses begin, the first preparation manuals are printed and collaborations are established with partners from all over Italy.

In recent years WAU has always updated all its preparation tools and has tried to make learning faster and more effective with virtual reality anatomy lessons, full immersion summer studies, first aid and suture courses.

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