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IMAT 2024

On Demand teaching & Live double practice

+ 64 hours of live practice in English (and Italian) with in-depth technical-scientific English, specific IMAT quizzes and unpublished simulations with correction. From the end of July to August, theoretical (78 hours) and practical (67 hours) insights in Italian on all test subjects.

Always available: 100 hours of theoretical and practical lessons on demand in English and the IMAT Simulator.

Starting immediately until the Test day.

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€ 1249

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IMAT 2024 - On demand teaching and Live double practice

Course details

With the IMAT ON DEMAND TEACHING & LIVE PRACTICE preparation course you will always have access to the Platform and the IMAT WAU Simulator where you can:

  • follow 100 hours of theoretical-practical lessons on demand;
  • practice with the IMAT Test Simulator thanks to 5 unpublished and commented simulations, 200 unpublished and commented quizzes and 12 IMAT ministerial simulations.

Free: you will be able to follow 3 lessons (12 hours) of Anatomy in virtual reality online (in Italian) in the second half of July.


During the summer you will be able to join the theoretical and practical live lessons (in Italian):

  • 70 hours of theory (of which 33 live) on all test subjects: live mathematics (11h), live physics (11h), live logic (11h), chemistry on demand (17h) and biology on demand (20h);
  • 9 hours of live practice on all test subjects: mathematics (5h), physics (5h), logic (5h), chemistry (18h) and biology (18h);
  • 2 live simulations with correction (8h);
  • 2 lessons (8 hours) of Anatomy in virtual reality online in Italian in the second half of July.


The live course in English and Italian will begin at the end of September 2024 with:

  • 6 hours of technical-scientific English;
  • 30 hours of practical lessons with our teachers;
  • 28 hours of IMAT test simulations with live correction.

360° support

for the IMAT test

staff wau completo

Student Care

We know how difficult it is to prepare for the Test. This is why the WAU Student Care team will be by your side to support you in difficult moments.

We help you reconcile your school career with that of studying for the test, intervening to support you and your family whenever you request it.

Thanks to the WAU Student Care team you will never fall behind!

100% of the
ministerial tender

All the theory explained by the teachers, with a focus on the most frequent topics.
The lessons include a practical part to test your preparation with assessment tests, exercises and simulations.

or re-prepared​

Did you fail the test? WAU will never leave you alone!
If your admission test goes badly, you will have the online course, the simulator and all our support available for an entire year.


You can choose between different payment methods, including deferral in installments thanks to the innovative SCALAPAY payment method which will allow you to pay easily by dividing it into three convenient instalments.

IMAT 2024: all available courses

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IMAT 2024 Live Theory and Practice in English


€ 1999


IMAT 2024 On Demand teaching & Live practice with Tutorship

Part time

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IMAT 2024 On Demand teaching & Live practice

Part time

€ 699

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